During Orlando Carnival there is one fete that you should never miss and that fete is… The ILan All Inclusive Fete.

Positioned against the beautiful landscape of Rollins College right next to Virginia Lake, the iLan fete is located in an atmosphere that looks like it was plucked out of Trinidad and dropped into the middle of Florida.

The climate, ambience and feeling of the iLan fete is in harmony with its name.  You actually feel like you are on an island.  From the music, the food, the people and the weather…it feels like what a fete is supposed to feel like….. Happiness.
If happiness had a “location” then iLan fete would be the address.

As I have for the past few years, I attended this fete and for the second year in a row, I brought a non-carnival person with me so that they could experience a quality, professional, high-end fetting experience that is fun and not “stush.”

And for the second year in the a row my guest was not disappointed.  I have been attending the iLan fete for the past 4 years and it is a fete that should not be missed.  There’s no need for me to mention how beautiful the people are but I will because they are beautiful in deportment and spirit.  The vibe and the energy of the fete is what you look for.

No arguing, no fussing, no fighting, no nothing. Just smiles and vibes.

As always, my first stop in any fete are the bathroom areas and they were impeccable. The iLan fete invests in fully furnished outdoor restrooms with urinals and toilets on the men’s side and toilets on the women’s side. The men’s restroom was fully stocked with liquid soap, toilet paper and paper towels all night. And they were constantly clean and clean smelling. There was also deodorant, body spray and cologne available all night.  It was excellent.  There was never a line for the men’s restroom but there were periods in the evening where the women did have a bit of a wait.

The drink lines this year had a bit of a wait. More so than other years but it wasn’t bad at all and it was very organized. There were plenty of water stations with cups so the water was a plenty.  There were zero complaints about the drinks and everybody at the fete was talking about this new drink called Touch Vodka.  The lines for this drink were long. They had their own drink station and various flavors and it seemed to be a hit. I don’t drink but people seemed to love it and all the flavors that they had available.

The Food…… The food was IMPECCABLE.

The tables were blessed with:
Caribbean Shrimp Ceviche with Plantain Chips
Beef and Chimichurri Sauce with Roasted Potatoes and Rolls
Musaca (Vegetarian Dish)
Paella with Chicken, Sausage and Shellfish
Beef Empanadas (with aji sauce)
Bread Pudding
Jerk Chicken
Rice and Peas

And I’m probably forgetting one or two other things but there is one thing that I will never forget and that is that damn bread pudding!!!! Oh MY GOSH!!! That was the best bread pudding I ever had in my life. And I don’t even like bread pudding. It was so good that I went back for 4 servings.  I actually had to stop myself from going back because I didn’t want to pay the cardio costs for the amount that I ate. But it was spectacular.

Also there was ZERO wait for food ALL NIGHT. The staff also took into consideration those who are vegetarian and vegan. There were choices available for all persons there.  The vegan patrons were extremely happy with the doubles, plantain chips and rice and peas.  Also, the amount of the people in the fete, during the iLan fete has been calculated so that these things aren’t problematic. The fete has sold out every year and this year was no different. And they did not oversell the fete just to make a little bit more money.  They sold to capacity and then made sure that the service and experience was impeccable and it was.


As always, it is my recommendation and strong urging for you to get your tickets to the iLan All-Inclusive fete.  I never make any requests but if the iLan committee is reading this…. PLEASE BRING BACK THE BREAD PUDDING FOR NEXT YEAR!

If you are considering attending please note the following 3 things:

1. The tickets do sell out so "doh stick".
2. The fete runs from 5pm to 11pm and the food doh done!
3. The address is 1000 Holt Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789, USA