Photo: The Yoga session was well-received at the Epic Lifestyle Event.

Toronto, Ontario (Sonique Solutions) – The diligent team at Epic Events, which is known for its seamless execution of corporate and multi-cultural productions, has once again delivered with the recent inaugural installation of ‘The Epic Lifestyle Event’.

The Toronto-based event production company is highly regarded for raising the standard of how Caribbean & North-American events are viewed and delivered via its signature events ‘Friends & Family Out Back’ (FFOB) and the end of summer affair entitled ‘The Cooldown’. The organization is also considered to be the go to collaborator for several local and international brands.

Photo: The Socasize session brought the warmth of the islands to the event.

Epic Events kicked off the Canadian summer with a bang with its latest initiative which brought a unique, diverse event to the Durham Region of the Greater Toronto Area. The Epic Lifestyle Event was geared towards promoting simple, practical and effective health and wellness lifestyles as well as all-round community engagement.

The outdoor event took place at the scenic Millennium Square at the Pickering Waterfront. Even with less than sunny weather the lifestyle affair garnered an audience of eager participants and passers-by who were greeted to a variety of dynamic health and wellness showcases.

Photo: Attendees were with engaged with the 'Animal Flow' session (a ground-based movement program).

Attendees of the event were able to not only embrace exercise (in both the traditional and non- traditional senses) but also therapy, culture and dance via the assortment of breakout sessions. Featured at the event were segments by professional instructors covering Yoga, Zumba, Cross Fit, Animal Flow (a ground-based movement program), Socasize, etc. Keeping the atmosphere vibrant was the music and turntable talents of the event’s resident DJ.

Photo: The outdoor event took place at the scenic Millennium Square at the Pickering Waterfront and attracted an audience of eager participants.

In true, distinct Epic fashion, the Lifestyle Event was preceded by a series of video segments which were aired on social media and featured the participating instructors. This was used to engage viewers, create interest and promote community involvement through lifestyle tips and personal stories.

Photo: In true professional fashion, Epic Events provided bottled water for its particpants to keep hydrated.

Epic Events’ Darryl Branker shared, “Our goal was to gather all the participants of the series, their clients, followers, supporters and community members at a diverse health and lifestyle event that fostered community participation. We certainly achieved this with the first edition and we look forward to growing even larger for 2020.”

As Epic Events prepares to once again execute its signature summer events, facilitate logistics for international event brands through collaborative effort and deliver one of a kind solutions for stakeholders during Toronto’s upcoming 2019 Carnival, the team remains dedicated to engaging audiences as well as the community of event professionals.

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