This disclaimer dated, Friday 17th April 2009, serves as a notice to inform the general public with a clear aim at Promoters, DJ’s, Entertainment Affiliates and Artist Management alike, not only in Trinidad and Tobago but the world at large.

Roger Joseph aka “Patch” is a solo artist under the sole management of Wendy H Lewis (WAP Publishing). “Patch” will no longer be performing as a collaboration with Shawn “Mastamind” Noel and is no longer affiliated to Mastamind Productions under the management of Natasha Noel.
Roger “Patch” Joseph is the sole writer for the 2k8 collaboration, “Rum & Roti”.

Any enquiries regarding Roger “Patch” Joseph and future performances should be made via his manager, Wendy H Lewis (WAP Publishing) or our booking agent Heron “Rocking Jay” Douglas using the contact details below. WAP Publishing cannot be held responsible for the non-show of “Patch” as an artist if booked by any other means.