Photo: The Tortuga Jamaica commercial team are ready to gift indulgence for the yuletide season with the newly released TORTUGA Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake launched on Monday, November 11, 2019 at the TORTUGA Jamaica head office. From left: Jermaine Robinson, regional commercial manager at TORTUGA International Holdings Ltd; Sashae Leon-Allen, group commercial manager at JP Tropical Group; Marcus Simmonds, managing director at TORTUGA International Holdings Ltd; Tara Goulbourne, group marketing and business development manager at JP Tropical Group; and David Martin, managing director of JP Tropical Group.

Kingston, Jamaica; Tortuga Rum Cake (TRC) Limited is marking its 35th anniversary with an expanded portfolio and ever-growing market presence.

Its latest offering, the Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake is generating strong interest among consumers in the Jamaican Diaspora, already receiving orders for cakes from Miami and New York.

TRC, a subsidiary of the Jamaica Producers (JP) Group delivered its first shipment of cakes last week.

JP Group expects a strong take-up of the Tortuga’s Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake from the Diaspora, following robust marketing in both markets which includes extensive sampling, according to Tara Goulbourne, group marketing and business development manager at JP Tropical Group Ltd.

The company has its sights set on exporting the product to UK, Canada, Barbados as well as Trinidad and Tobago.

Locally, the cakes are available in all major supermarkets and pharmacies across the island.

“We anticipate that this new Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake will see us engaging at a retail level with 200,000 new consumers,” Goulbourne stated.

Tortuga is famous for honouring its deep Caribbean heritage and conveying a taste of the islands with its world-famous rum cakes.

“It is a true celebration of Jamaica’s rich, rum-soaked fruits, the fragrant aroma of special spices and the pride and heritage of the company’s trusted family recipe,” highlighted Goulbourne.

Photos: TORTUGA Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake

The Jamaican Rum Fruit Cakes are manufactured at JP Tropical Food’s world-class facility at 9c Retirement Road in Kingston.

The factory is certified to Safe Quality Food Level Two, which is one of the top 3 international certifications for food facilities for food safety and quality.

Tortuga Rum Cakes Limited has placed an active focus on innovation and with diversified options for its customers.

To this end, TRC has recently repositioned its entire line of rum cake as the premium gift of choice.

“The key aim is to connect with Jamaican diaspora, with locals for people to see that Tortuga can resonate with the Jamaican community. Tortuga’s goal is to try to recreate this kind of nostalgic feeling,” said Marcus Simmonds, managing director of Tortuga Rum Cakes Limited.

This new product will also serve as a treasured gift to be shared with loved ones, JP noted.

“We conducted a market survey and results revealed that 80 per cent of Jamaicans new the Tortuga brand name and thought it to be a quality product and those who purchased, gifted it to family, friends and significant other,” Goulbourne added.

The Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake Rum Fruit Cake is in line with this ‘provenance’ strategy of incorporating specific ingredients and flavours in our cakes, which are unique to the countries where the cakes are sold, JP said.

For example, the company produces the Mexican Vanilla for Mexico; the Mamajuana Rum Cake which was made specifically for the Dominican Republic; The Great Cake made for Barbados; The Key Lime made for Florida and the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Rum Cake made for Jamaica.

Tortuga’s operations extend across the Caribbean. In addition to Jamaica, Tortuga boasts a manufacturing plant in the Cayman Islands; a distribution facility in Florida and a commercial presence several markets including Barbados.

TRC has traditionally focused on the travel retail market across the Caribbean, including most major air and cruise ports, principal hotel and gift locations and over 100 cruise ships.