PORT OF SPAIN, 2 January 2020, The highly anticipated announcement for the annual Old Hilarians' All-Inclusive fete was released last evening in an official statement on the website of the Old Hilarians’ Association (OHA) (alumnae Association of Bishop Anstey High School, Port of Spain). For 2020, the OHA proudly launches the 24th edition of its annual fundraising fete entitled, è Dolce Dolce (it Sweet-Sweet!) at Queen’s Hall.

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The theme is inspired by a Tropical Oasis of Sweetness. "We invite you to indulge in the feeling of a long-awaited, long-desired place of beauty, lush flora and soothing sweetness – with a heavy splash of SweetSoca Music with the taste of the best in the Caribbean and International cuisine," said the statement.

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The entertainment for Bishop’s Fete 2020 is being dubbed – “the Ultimate Chocolate Box" - with all the Soca Flavour you can savour in seven hours of entertainment featuring the sweetest music of the season. From Mocha Chocolate to Caramel Toffee, Double Fudge Brownies to Red Velvet, è Dolce Dolce will present four (4) major Soca bands including Blaxx backed by  'D All Starz', Nadia Batson with 'Sass', Bunji Garlin and Fayann Lyons-Alvarez with the 'Asylum' Band and Destra Garcia with 'Bakanal' the band. Guest artistes will include Patrice Roberts, Swappi, Skinny Fabulous, Lyrikal, 5 Star Akil,Motto and much more.

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è Dolce Dolce will offer elements of fun, a space to relax and a chance to unwind in a themed and playful atmosphere, where patrons are encouraged to dress up or dress in-theme for the Tropical Oasis all-inclusive setting. The OHA Fete will remain committed to a promise of “Affordable Premium” with tickets at $750 each.

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Sample the “Sweetest Hand” from a meticulously curated range of menus from our specially selected chefs and caterers. è Dolce Dolce will offer a cornucopia of unique, new, wide-ranging, tasty food and a variety of premium bars.

Four (4) “Trini Sweet Spots” - culinary areas in the fete representing iconic flavour centers of Trinidad and Tobago will be featured. These will include: "The Bay" (Sea food & Vegetarian), "De Avenue" (International Cuisine), "De Junction" (Spicy Local Flavours), "The Estate" (Chocolate Gourmet deserts & Exotic Treats).

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The OHA has remained committed to the mission at hand. As the final stretch toward the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the school approaches, the All-Inclusive Fete remains a key fundraiser, which has provided much needed resources for critical construction and maintenance projects of the school over the years.