Fete with the Saints remains the premiere all inclusive in Trinidad and
Tobago, the mecca of carnival, period. Like soca music itself, just when you think it can’t possibly get any better, FWTS reinvents itself and sets a new standard for the industry. This year, they took us to Atlantis, the Bahamas and Dubai had nothing on the quality of the production and decor of this Atlantis presentation. The entrance to FWTS, was simply breathtaking and something absolutely world-class. 

Even with this spectacular entrance, there was no let down whatsoever, as you got into the fete. The production remained at WOW levels, throughout. The stage was even bigger and better than 2018. In fact, the only other stage I think could compete, would be a Machel Monday stage :-). 

You know the Pumpers Inc. philosophy of reaching a fete early :-). There is no better time to check out the bars and the food court. Lines are short and you have the rest of the night to look forward to as well. I won't go through the exhaustive list that you would expect to see at a fete of this caliber, but we tried everything from roti, souse, ribs, horse meat, and I can go on all day on the food alone.  FWTS continues to provide exceptional value, for the price of admission. 

The service at the bar was on point, and top shelf liquor was evident. Still wishing for some   higher end Angostura rums, either at the regular bars, or at a branded tent. After all, this is Trinidad and Tobago, home to some of the finest rums in the world, and indeed the rum drinkers should be treated just as well as the scotch drinkers :-).

FWTS featured two of the best bands in the soca universe, Kes The Band and Machel Montano. Again, no lack of value for money at this event :-). Kes kicked off the band performances and shelled down the place with his classics like Wotless and 2019 big guns like Love It, Nah Let go, Dah Wuk, Radar, and his latest global soca anthem, Savannah Grass!  Also gracing the stage on the night, were Farmer Nappy and Shall Marshal, two crowd favorites who did not disappoint.   

At just about 10:15PM it was time for the legend and his band, Machel Montano. A crowd that was already whipped into a lather, was ready to pick up the energy even further, an art that Machel specializes in.  The fete easily went from 90 to 100 in an instant. The set started with ‘Realse’ and that is exactly what the crowd did. If you’ve ever experienced an MM performance, you already know that words can’t do it justice. Just go check out to TJJ footage of the performance :-) FWTS is the event at which Machel usually performs his Road March contender, live with his band for the first time. Starting the fete with Release is a bug tip off, but FAMILY really had the crowd reaching for the stars! Only time will tell :-). 

World-class production, vibes, energy, the highest quality entertainment, food, and bars. These have all become the hallmarks of Fete with the Saints. It’s a good feeling to give back to an institution that shaped the lives of many exceptional young men and women, assisting with the maintenance and improvement of the main campus. It is an even better feeling to chip out a fete to the sounds of a riddim section, knowing you just good excellent value for your money! Thanks for having us FWTS. See you next year!!!

Wade the Party Appraiser aka 1914