The Karukera One Love (KOL) is an international company that promotes Caribbean Culture and Music throughout the French West Indies and Europe since 2017.

In collaboration with Caesar’s Army, the first edition of the internationally-acclaimed KOL festival in Trinidad and Tobago will be held on Carnival Friday, 21st February 2020 at Maracas Bay, North Coast.

The main originality of the Karukera One Love international festival is that it features a state of the art “stage is the sea”, that our organisation performs in other countries as well.

During the festival, patrons have this unique experience to party on the beach, either on the sand or on the seashores.

Our organization would like to outline, detail and clarify pertinent information to the general public, patrons and supporters:

a) The safety and security of our festival patrons remains our top priority. We have a pristine track record of execution with ZERO-INCIDENT festival since our inception.

b) The Karukera One Love (KOL) organization has acquired all necessary, documented permissions from the appropriate local state agencies and other stakeholder bodies in Trinidad and Tobago. As we are an organization that will always abide by all laws in the respective territories that we work.

c) Our team consists of a specialized team of engineers who are mandated to ensure that all necessary verifications and meticulous checks are done to ensure maximum safety.

d) As with all of our event executions, our organization is engaging specialists to ensure that the most environmentally-friendly engineering solutions are explored.

The Karukera One Love (KOL) Team and all its partners would like to reassure all patrons and the general public that they are very welcome for this magical experience on Carnival Friday, Feb 21th on Maracas Beach.