Esby One

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. August 20th, 2020 -- There’s no better time than the present to build strong connections within the black community. The Caribbean and the African continent have a wealth of similarities and this has again been proven in what can only be described as an unexpected but timely musical connection.

Africa’s Burkina Faso meets Trinidad and Tobago, via two relatively unknown but soon to blow up musicians. For the artiste known simply as Calypso Don- a four time Calypso Monarch champion in the UK, the opportunity to work with 21-year-old producer, Namuli Idriss, who’s best known as Esby One by his peers in Burkina Faso, has been an honour. “I was very surprised when he reached out to me. I asked myself if God had sent this young man to me,” said Calypso Don. The link was made after a challenge he’d posted to Instagram for his single, “Call on Jah”, had somehow made it to parts of the motherland.” The challenge went viral and he heard the music. He reached out to me and asked whether he could send me some music to listen to. I agreed and I was blown away by how good the music was. I couldn’t believe he had chosen me. I thought to myself, he could’ve chosen Kees, Machel, anybody... why me?” said the T&T born artist.

Calypso Don

Calypso Don responded to that initial correspondence, indicating which of the music received, he particularly liked. “When he responded to me, I received his vocals on the track and a message indicating that I could then add my vocals and lyrics, as I wished. I was so surprised,” he said. A calypso writer himself, Calyspo Don penned his English lyrics, later adding his vocals to what had already been created by his Burkina Faso counterpart in his native French tongue. The end result was a song that was called, ‘Cherry Bum Bum.’ “I was told that it’s a slang in Burkina Faso and what’s funny is that he doesn’t know of Lord Kitchener from Trinidad and Tobago who once sang a song that similarly entitled, ‘Sugar Bum Bum,” said Calypso Don with a chuckle.

The musical connection has fostered a relationship that Calypso Don is tremendously excited about. “This is Afro-soca and I’m very proud to be a part of this sound. This young producer out of Burkina Faso is very talented and he’s an upcoming producer in that part of the world. A lot of eyes are on him,” said the entertainer. The connection has also created a professional opportunity for Calypso Don as he has been cited by the African producer as a new go-to songwriter for artistes attached to his production house. “They seem to like my writing and Namuli has extended the opportunity to me, which I’m happy to accept,” he said.

‘Cherry Bum Bum’ speaks of a Caribbean woman who leaves the islands, traveling to the African continent where she is seen dancing in her Caribbean style. She is an instant hit there and becomes the woman referred to as ‘Cherry Bum Bum.’ The Afro-beats sound becoming increasingly popular globally, Calypso Don anticipates that at home in T&T, DJs and radio personalities would give it the rotation it needs to propel it to the next level. “We must see the beauty in connections like these. This is truly am honor for me and likewise, for him. He doesn’t know much about Soca music, he told me, but he knows and appreciates Calypso music,” said Calypso Don.

The song is now available for purchase on all popular streaming platforms. To keep up with the moves being made by Calypso Don, follow him on Instagram @doncalypso and check out his YouTube channel by searching for Calypso Don.