Kerwin Du Bois

SPUT (Sing, Produce, Unleash Talent) is a passion project of Kerwin Du Bois. During the Covid-19 pandemic while attending to his personal and career constraints, his desire to mentor young and upcoming talent was reignited. Truthfully, those close to Du Bois would have known of his desire to share his knowledge and expertise with others. You see, Kerwin strongly believes that “knowledge holds no value if it is not shared.”
For two months Kerwin was continuously going live, once a week to engage young talent. Who and What was he looking for? The answer is; voices, stories, talent and passion. S.P.U.T is and never will be anything that replicates a competition. Kerwin selected over 30 creatives; singers, songwriters, producers and musicians to begin a journey with him.

Kembler Project 

As of October 01st, 2020, we are at 25 SPUT family members and it has been quite a journey thus far. Our family has shared; sleepless nights, hundreds of zoom calls, conflicting time zones, differing opinions, frustration, laughter and excitement.
We’ve been together for over two months and SPUT is diverse, to say the least! The family is based in and or represents Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Canada, United Kingdom, Virgin Islands, St Marteen, Guadeloupe, New York, Connecticut and Atlanta.
Our first project “Kembler” features 10 voices and 17 writers, including Kerwin Du Bois. Produced by Synthdicate Music, the songs are:
One In A Million - Daunte & Jenelle
Mind Yuh Business - Eko & DJ Dareon
Ginga - Star Martin & BDoubleots
New Vibes - Mia & Kiko Dan
Love Buttons - BDoubleots
We Ha Ting - Kerwin Du Bois