Generation X has been promoting signature and concept events for the past ten years with the surety that we give patrons value for money; hence the reason why we have grown from strength to strength over the years and have become one of the most recognized promoters of quality events.

Unfortunately and unexpectedly we were prevented from having our event last night by the police because of legal issues with Bayside Seafood Restaurant.

With over eight hundred advanced tickets sold and hundreds others arriving to have a good time at our Annual Spring Break Wet Fete, patrons were sadly disappointed to learn that the event was cancelled.

Thanks however, to the swift action of the Generation X committee and friends of Gen X using modern technology (blackberry, iphones, my space, face book, twitter, texting, phone, etc.), we were able to get the word out within a very short time, thereby avoiding most people from actually coming to the venue. Our crew remained at the venue for quite a while to advise those patrons that did show up of the situation. 

We were as much surprised of this outcome as the patrons. However in the entertainment business, unexpected circumstances like this sometimes occur.  What really matters is how a situation like this (which was out of our control) is handled. We intend to handle this situation with credibility, promptly and responsibly. All patrons who purchased Advance Tickets please contact the respective College CSA’s or Outlets for a full refund by returning the ticket(s). Those who purchased tickets online will be refunded through Pay Pal within the next few days.

We will also be making up for this inconvenience to our patrons by offering a discount for a future event. To those who purchased Online or Advance Tickets, please make a note of your ticket number before returning it for a refund and keep your Pay Pal receipt with the transaction number for your future discount.

We sincerely apologize to all our loyal patrons and followers and trust that this would not affect your future support for Generation X. 

If you need to contact us, you may do so at:
Phone: 305.233.0697