Bermuda Carnival

Hamilton, Bermuda – 24-FEB-2022 -- Stretch those limbs! Book your Flights! And tell everyone you know that from June 17th to June 20th, 2022, the BHW Ltd. team is taking you into the heights of Carnival joy as only they can.

From the fetes you love to their unforgettable parade of mas through the streets, everything you have missed is back and will be sweeter than ever. This includes all the DJs who pump energy levels sky high, and the artists that remind us why we always say YES to SOCA. They are eager to be in Bermuda again and have already signed on to be with you along with the BHW Ltd. crew again this June.

But this is a new year.

A year that has come after much sacrifice and so much change. To still be standing after living through such a test of will, is a measure of our strength and resilience. It also means we have adapted and are now ready for a refreshing rebirth.

After making it through that fire, it is time for us to let our souls soar again.

And so, for 2022, BHW Ltd. presents the only Mas Band for Bermuda Carnival... Phoenix!

Masqueraders across the globe, this one is just for you. Get ready to feel the blazing heat of waistlines and embrace the freedom you have missed.


Click here to take a sneak peek, and get ready to ignite and take flight with Phoenix!

It is coming Carnival people, and your BHW Ltd. team is excited to bring Raft Up, J’Ouvert, 5 Star Friday, and every single event you have told us you missed.

This one will be special, so keep checking our social media for updates as well as a number of new packages, which we will offer to make BHW Ltd.’s Bermuda Carnival 2022 the ONLY Carnival to be at in June.

Media Contact:
Jason Sukdeo


About BHW Ltd.

Bermuda Carnival is a series of events organised by the BHW Ltd., a team who is dedicated to providing unique cultural experiences and quality entertainment. The BHW Ltd. team members are not only avid carnival-goers but, collectively, have over 20 years experience producing successful events and have gained the respect of some of the top celebrities in the world of soca music. The board includes Jumaane Davis, Akbar Lightbourne, Sandra Richards-Vance and Predient, Jason Sukdeo.