Kingston, Jamaica, June 10, 2008 – After two amazing performances in Los Angeles, including stops at UCLA while on the Irish and Chin Campus Rave Tour and Jamaican Gold, Irish and Chin, Inc. has decided to commemorate Mr. Vegas' 10th Anniversary with a West Coast Tour.

The management team believes that a West Coast Tour is an ideal vehicle of celebrating Mr. Vegas' success and longevity in the Reggae music industry.  And they feel that it gives fans on the West Coast a chance to thoroughly enjoy the Mr. Vegas experience. Impressively, in this 10 year time period, Mr. Vegas has managed to hold strong, despite that many artists in the genre have come and gone.

 "After 10 years worth of music, I have reached a milestone in my career," commented a visibly excited Mr. Vegas.  "I've never dreamt of being in the business and continuously having hits for so long … with songs like 'Nike Air' all the way up to 'Tek Weh Yuhself' and 'Hot Wuk'."

With popular new songs 'Mus Come A Road' and 'Daggering' already tearing up the airwaves and creating a stir in the dancehall, Mr. Vegas is more than ready to bring it to the West Coast massive and perform for all of those who missed him at UCLA and Jamaican Gold. Mr. Vegas will also continue 10th Anniversary celebrations in New York, Miami and of course Jamaica.

"Fans can expect all of my hits but with a special twist --- I really would like to rock each concert with an acoustic 'unplugged' type of vibe," shared Mr. Vegas when asked what his fans on the West Coast can expect.  Get Ready! Mr. Vegas is coming to a city near you.

For over a decade, Mr. Vegas has kept up the momentum by entertaining fans with timeless hit after hit.  His most recent studio album Hot It Up, distributed by Delicious Vinyl, has been embraced by the massive.  Notably, the racy single "Hot Wuk" landed on the Billboard charts.  Mr. Vegas recently completed his Campus Rave Tour to great reviews.  In August 2007, Mr. Vegas signed onto Irish and Chin, Inc. to manage his career.