Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: June 7, 2009.   Following up on the Ministry of Health’s announcement of the second confirmed case of Influenza A / H1N1 in Trinidad and Tobago and the subsequent request to all persons on American Airlines flight number 1647 of May 30th from Miami to Piarco to contact Ministry officials through the Ministry's H1N1 hotline at 800-WELL (9355), the Ministry now wishes to:

a) thank all citizens who were on that flight and contacted the Ministry, and urge them to follow the guidelines given to them by Ministry of Health doctors;
b) reiterate the request to any passenger of flight AA 1647, May 30, 2009, arriving to Piarco from Miami, who may not have been contacted yet, to call immediately at 800-WELL (9355)
c) further request ALL passengers on that flight to stay at home and avoid any mass gatherings, until the Ministry issues an official clearance stating it is safe to do so.

The latter is a precautionary measure taken in light of the fact that both cases of H1N1 have been detected on that flight. Passengers ought not to be overly concerned, as upon contact with the Ministry, all necessary procedures will be followed to ensure their well being and the containment of the virus. Nevertheless, they are urged to strictly follow the recommendations of the Ministry and assist in the Ministry’s efforts to contain the virus in the country.

The Ministry continues to actively contact and screen all passengers on the aforementioned flight; so far there is no indication that anyone else has been infected.

The Ministry will keep the public updated on any new developments. The national community is reminded that this is a national effort, which calls for the cooperation of every single citizen.

Once again the Ministry of Health is urging all citizens to practice good hygiene (washing hands) and proper respiratory etiquette (cover your cough, sneeze, etc). All citizens are further urged to seek official information on Influenza A/H1N1 through the Ministry's:

• Website at: www.health.gov.tt
• Facebook group: Ministry of Health
• Twitter @moh_tt
• Email @ corpcomm@health.gov.tt
• The H1N1 hotline at 800-WELL (9355)