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Booze Cruise tops our 2009 Crop Over Report Card! Year after year, you can still hear it echoed amongst partygoers, "If I don't get Booze Cruise tickets, I'm not bothering to go to Crop Over!" So what's the secret to it's success? The people, the music, the food, the cruise or the BOOZE?

It's still one of the sexiest Caribbean crowds in the world to fete with! The sun, sea and alcohol always seem to dash everyone's inhibitions overboard. Plus partying half naked is always a plus! There are some complaints about the 'locals to foreigners' and 'male to female' ratio for the cruise, but heh ... if it isn't broke, why try to fix it?

The Boat Yard is central to anyone on the South and West Coast, and best of all, it's on the South Coast road... so it is very easy to find. Once on board the MV Harbour Master, you have 3 floors to party your life away! Besides, you cannot beat being outdoors on a sunny day with clear blue skies (no smoke in your face, no foul odours) with good friends and sexy strangers (soon to be your friends). Did you see those pictures of the beach? We say no more.

A drink (or two) in hand, sweet woman (with no place to go) everywhere your eyes can see, top musical selections by Rebel & Ozzy (big up the host & our homegirl Alex Jordan), and endless supply of blue waters and refreshing ocean breeze. If that does not make you feel vibes, we don't know what will? Perhaps another long cold winter in New York or Toronto might help you get a full appreciation??!! :-) The After Party continues immediately in the Boat Yard with live entertainment - this year, we were treated to Natahlee, Mikey, 9 times 'Pic-O-De-Crop' champ Red Plastic Bag and reigning 'Tune-O-De-Crop' king Edwin Yearwood.

The MV Harbour Master is an annual machine when it comes to supplying Fish, Chicken or Steak (cooked to order) variety with an endless supply of liquor on multiple decks of the vessel. The Rum Punch is always a hit! And we recommend the Steak (medium).

From the promoters down to the Boat Yard & MV Harbour Master staff, they are all very professional and hospitable. What we particularly love is the fresh breakfast, coconut water and snocones readily available in the Boat Yard before you board the boat. If you're a coconut lover, definitely try the "Coco" flavoured snocones.

Still reasonable priced at $150 BDS ($75 US). And yes, tickets are HARD to come by (like most good things in life). So wanna be 1st timers, if you're luckly to get a ticket, be happy ... be very happy! Do not even put a price on it. It's priceless!!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View Booze Cruise 2009 Part 1 Gallery
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