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The fete was nice, great people, great vibes, and good food. Islands United and Absolute Adventure I love allyuh.. Can't wait for the next Naked.

Well on this night the Reggae room was ram cram over capacity, especially when Niko Star was on the set.

Now the promotional flyer highlighted that the AC unit was replaced with a higher ton unit, because for the past previous months it was damn hot up in there. The venue with the new AC unit was quite comfortable. Cheers!

There were live performances by three (3) soca artists: Patch, who got the crowd out of control with 2009 hit "Rum and Roti". Berbice singing his 2007 Grenada Road March "Traffic" and Sizwe C.

The food consisted of jerk chicken, rice and peas and a salad. In addition, there was fish and also corn soup.

Oh gosh! Well yes, with a session this ram, the bar were surrounded by people making it a little difficult to get a drink. But overall, the service was fast, because the bartenders had it under control.

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>> View Naked "Too Cool to be Hot" Gallery