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Yes folks, there wasn't a glitch in your TnT Carnival matrix ... there was no Glow fete in 2009! So Glow Barbados was our 1st "Cloud 9" experience for the year, and we're happy to report that Glow is still running strong in BIM.

We believe Glow Barbados still has the largest attendance on the Crop Over Thursday night. And it's nice to see everyone still following the "wear white" theme. Machel Montano and AJ Calloway (Extra) were spotted on the inside (see photo).

Now the 'Smell Factor' ranked quite high under the main tent (closer to the stage front) seriously taking away points from the sexiness of the crowd. Yes, we know it's hot in the Caribbean folks, so let's double up on the deodarant people! ;-)

The Party Stand (Power X Four Mas Camp) is in a central location to most of the Crop Over festivities - a block away from Kensington Oval/Spring Garden Hwy. And if you're not fortunate to get parking on the compound, no worries ... there's lots of street and nearby parking available.

The actual venue is transformed, litterly hours before the party's kick off time, with loads of black lights to make partygoers glow. There were two VIP areas. The 1st (outdoors, with a sheltered area) on the left side as soon as you enter the venue, had sexy mermaids both on land and in water adding to the theme.

Glow has all of the biggest local Soca acts year after year, but for some reason the vibe of the fete really only peaks towards the end when Lil Rick aka Hypa Dawg hits the stage. Krosfyah does usually do some damage, but since most of the foreigners are still getting use to the new music, the crowd intensity isn't very high.

Truly cannot recall if it was a cash or chits bar (think it was chits - not a fan), but there were plenty well staffed bars, so quenching your thirst was never a problem. And there were a couple food vendors on the premises selling the usualy hambugers, hot dogs etc. But around 4AM, they ran out of hamburger buns ... sending us on a hunt for after party substance!

Early bird tickets were $50 Bajan ($25 US) and VIP was $80 Bajan ($40 US). So entertainment wise, it's def worth it! Especially if you want to see/hear all the big local artists - Edwin Yearwood & Krosfyah, Lil Rick, Peter Ram, Biggie Irie, Mr. Dale, Mikey, Stabby and the list goes on - offerings for the current Crop Over season.

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View Glow Barbados 'Cloud 9' 2009 Gallery
>> View Barbados Crop Over 2009 Coverage