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Last year we accidently stumbled on this breakfast party (see coverage) following Glow, and had a time. And as promised, we were coming prepared this rounds. First things first, we needed to update our calendars since the party had moved to Crop Over Saturday morning. Hummm... clashing with Wadadah, but dat's small ting. TJJ was trained to handle more than one special mission! ;-)

A nice uptown, sexy crowd with a growing Trini (and other islanders) contingent. The numbers grew since last year, but was lost in the size of the venue.

Crack of Dawn found a new home at Karibu Gardens in Christ Church this year, and although the venue itself wasn't as secluded as it's predecessor - West Coast venue - it was still pretty impressive. Well, except for the sand flies, who were apparently having their very own lil' breakfast party. To all ladies in sexy shorts and skirts that survived the feast ... power to you!

The hot sun, which was blazing, and semi populated venue did not allow the vibe to spread as everyone stayed on the outskirts (or by the bar) seeking some form of shade (or thirst quencher). Even Hypa Hoppa (Radioactive/RED 96.7FM) after blessing the dance on the set, got crazy with the water hose as he tried to cool people down (including some not so happy bartenders). You had quite a few fete-goers having an absolute blast wukkin' up in the middle of the grounds as some serious jam sessions went down, but the crowd spacing never allowed the vibe to take off. Bajan Soca artist Mikey passed thru and entertained us with his 2k9 hit "I In Dat".

On entrance you were given a "Perfect Bliss" cocktail, before seeking out the premium drinks and breakfast to follow. And once again, the Doubles man was the hit at Crack of Dawn. And hear ting... de man bawl it's "Doubles HD!!" ... "Hot & Delicious!!" and "High in Demand!!" Large up De Boss Kevin everytime!

For $90 BDS ($45US) the fellas give yah a lil breakfast buffet, a double station with nuff doubles and unlimited drinks. Not bad at all!

As this party continues to grow, the vibe will surely follow, and who knows... we may be looking at the "Diamond Vale Breakfast Party" of BIM in time to come. Special shout outs to the fellas of Barefoot Entertainment (Coxy, Perkins and Ozzy). We looking forward to next year!

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>> View Crack Of Dawn 2009 Breakfast Party Gallery 
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