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There's one thing of certainty for any Brian Lara event at any Carnival ... it will have the highest price tag! And for Red Hot Cohobblopot 'The Evolution In 3', it was no surprise that Lara's Ultimate VIP All Inclusive Party Stand tickets started at a whopping $175 BDS ($87.50 US), keeping the title.

Concerts are not like ordinary parties. This event was huge. We mean thousands of people. It is really hard to wrap your hands around such a large crowd because everyone and their granny was there.

When the crowd is so large and so spread out, there are always patches of different vibes. The show watchers and the partygoers... and of course, the limers... who do a mix of both. It had something for everyone. There was an exclusive zone for Lara patrons stage front - nice!

Come on, we're talking about Kensington Oval. It does not get more grand than that!

Although folks with the Lara package we privy to the closest view of the stage, the actual Party Stand (Three Ws Stand) wasn't positioned well for anyone who was hungry & thirsty through out the evening. Food & drinks were in the stands, so the trek back and forth between the stands and the exclusive stage front zone wasn't pleasant, especially if you arrived late and wanted to enjoy the concert. However, we did hear good reports on the food. ;-)

There was lots of controversy leading up to this year's Cohobblopot with the omission of Edwin Yearwood, Krosfyah and the Pyramid Entertainment fleet of artistes (Barbados 246), but the show went on. Tonight, Machel Montano HD was not the headliner (yes, that's rare for any Soca event). In fact, it was a night dedicated to the Bajan Soca Queen. A special tribute was made to Alison Hinds, who delivered a wonderful presentation themed "Alison's Wonderland – The Life of a Girl called Alison Hinds". Barbados has to be proud.

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>> View Cohobblopot 2009 Gallery
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