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Every year, the crew & I fly in from NY for Caribana and every Caribana Saturday we know the only place to be is "Meet Me @ The Waterfront" (MM@TW) at Atlantis.  The event sells out every year, so we made sure to secure our tickets way ahead of time. One of the best things about this event is the diversity of the party goers. Hell, I even saw a sweet Chinese dread in de party.

De Crowd?  Did you see the photos of this event?  Jeez, I thought heaven came early! And keep in mind, all the photos were taken in the last 45 mins of the party, so you know the photographer missed a lot of the action & the crowd... but hey, at least we have a lil sample. As always the crowd was pure eye candy, the women were decked out in their sexiest pumps and the fellas showed why they spent the whole summer in the gym.  Folks were definitely DRESSED TO IMPRESS! Have you ever been to a party and seen people parked by the wall, waiting to see who makes the first move to the dance floor?? Well this wasn’t that crowd.  From the time we walked in, de DJ pumping some sweet soca music, and it was on & popping.  There were folks jamming on the dance floor from all over... NYC, Miami, Detroit, Cali, Atl, all over the Caribbean, even Europe. Everyone was so friendly too...trust us, you are guaranteed to leave MM@TW with at least 10 new Facebook friends!!!

One word to describe the vibe ... H Y P E!! The Music was simply the best, and it was non stop jamming all night long! This was the 14th year that XCLuSV is throwing MM@TW party, and this year they had a circus theme ... with ladies in their sexy carnival costumes, stilt walkers, they even had jugglers! Plus the city's hottest DJs were in da house.... including D'Bandit, Boogeyman, DJ Chief, Jester, Baseline, Denforcas, Soca Sweetness, Megahertz & Joonya T... So yes, the music was off the chain!! The hosts this year were Hollywood Actors Michael Ealy & Laz Alanso.  Well women were simply losing their minds for dem fellas.. it was actually cute to watch! ;-) The best party for sure; this is a quality party with quality people, who are not afraid to break a sweat and get on bad! And with different rooms playing different kinda music, whatever your vibe is, you will surely find it at Atlantis!

What more can you say about Atlantis Pavilion?  It is a magnificent complex overlooking Lake Ontario with breathtaking panoramic views of the Toronto skyline and waterfront . The venue can hold 1,800 people ... 1,800 HOT @$$ people ;-). There are a few different rooms; the main floor, which at one time had a revolving dance floor (not good if you’re drunk); an “ Island vibe” room playing only de hottest Soca & Reggae all night long; another room playing Old School, R&B & Hip Hop, plus 2 VIP rooms hosted by Michael Ealy & Laz Alanso. It also boasts a rooftop, with the best view of Toronto Skyline... so if you wanna take the party outdoor and test your game on that honey in the pink dress you’ve been peepin all night ... you have a perfect spot on the cabanas up on the rooftop.

One of the VIP rooms had complimentary finger foods and desserts.... Niiiice! Oh and to our sweet tooth's delight, they also had a table of assortments of yummy candies! And of course we had plenty of drinks to go around.  We don’t know what the drinks scene was like in the main area, since we spent most of our night in VIP, closely attached to a few bottles of Goose.

Early bird tkts were $35 and VIP was $60 each..... well we had such a great time that we feel we owe somebody money.... definitely go a bang for my buck!

Service was great and seamless all the way through, from security to the bar. I remember a few years ago, the line was crazy and it wasn’t uncommon to spend sometime lining up to get in.  I don’t know how the organizers did it, but the place was ram packed and there was no waiting on line; so a job well done on all fronts.
Thanks Mesfun Haile, and XCLuSV for the love... can't wait to see what you have in store for next year! Tomorrow we partying at Monsoon!!
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>> View Meet Me @ The Waterfront - Atlantis Gallery