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A nice cruise with plenty vibes, gorgeous and pleasant people as the promoters tried their spin on the infamous Barbados Booze Cruise - you know what this means? An event worth covering!

There was a mature crowd to fill the boat nicely, yet leaving enough room to move about and fratenize. The girls came out in their sexy beach wear so there was definitely the eye candy on board!

There was a heavy energy present! The DJ mash up the place with his selection of soca, especially Skinny Fabulous "De Beast Letgo"! Now, the boat ride was actually kinda long - we left at 10am and came back 7pm; it might one of the longest boat rides we've ever taken to-date.
The cruise was on a fantastically designed Catamaran which was spacious, complete with nice seating and a big bar! ;-) 

Alcohol cyah done!!! Scotch, Piton, Vodka, Rum and the list goes on and on .... It cyah done!! As for food, there was a variety of provisions, pork, and chicken which was served for lunch at Soufiere.
Everything went smoothly!!

At a cost of $125 EC for entry, this cruise was definitely worth the money!

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>> View Lucian Booze Cruise 2009 Gallery