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This was the launch of the first annual BREAKFAST PARTY held at the TROPIX Restaurant and lounge located at 1790 Liverpool Road in Pickering. An admission fee of CND$25.00 afforded you the opportunity to have a delicious breakfast including but not limited to "bake and buljol (aka "saltfish" for all de  North American West Indians); Doubles (if yuh doh know what dat is den god help yuh) Corn soup, Fried Plantain, Fresh fruit and more. Music was supplied by D'Enforcas who was later accompanied by the FARMERS RHYTHM section who injected some more vibe into the proceedings. Iwer George made a special appearance at the lounge and thoroughly enjoyed his meal . All in all the breakfast party is a great idea with an awesome location! But if they include some more performing artists, it should make the list of the must attend events. TJJ would strongly advise that you keep an eye on this event for next year.

Insanely massive! Must have been 4,000+ easily. Radio advertising was done ... need we say more?! We didn't stick around to time how long it took to get in via the regular entrance, but the line was no joke! Oh, we must make mention of the sexy Baje Girls on stage wukkin' up stink, stink!


The Tropix Restaurant and Lounge is located 1790 Liverpool Road just of the 401 making it easy to locate and once you arrive on time parking is available.

D'Enforcas kept the vibe alive despite the teething problems associated with the launch of  a  new event. If the DJ is the life of any fete, then the  rhythm section has got to be the heart. This was the case when The Farmers Rhythm section arrived and accompanied  D'Enforcas.

The food was definitely well worth the cost of admission and is just what is needed after a long hard night of fete. With a well stocked bar there was not a problem when making a request for your favourite mix.

CDN$25.00 for good food and good music ....you cannot go wrong!!! Always recommended!!!

The service was top notch with the pleasant staff always ensuring that you were well taken care of.

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>> View Good Morning: Caribana Breakfast Inclusive Gallery