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It was a slow start to the night, as the live show was to start at 11pm and people were now beginning to arrive at that time.  People were talking about a possible buss fete at first but then the crowd started to build around 12am.

There was a big turn out to the fete but not what the promoters expected.  They were expecting ram-up but still got a decent size crowd.

The crowd was jumping once the show started, they couldn't get enough of ALL the artists, shouting 'more more nore' after each performance.  There was a huge interaction between the crowd and the artists due mainly to the size of the corwd, which made the experience 100% fun.

Bananas is a great place for a fete. It's easy to find (like anywhere is Grenada) and it offers the option of the indoor club as well as the outside Carib bar.  For this show the parking greens were set up for the stage, which was great for the overall atmosphere.

Bananas always has premium drinks and a fantastic chef, so no complaints on this topic..plenty plenty for everyboby!

Cost for tickets were anywhere from $30 (advance) - $50 (door) - Free for masqueraders playing with Summercrew.  This is EC dollars, which is $15 - $25. CAD, so yes definitely great bang for your buck for locals and tourists alike.

Bar staff and kitchen staff always look like they were having fun which adds to the whole experience for everyone!

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>> View Gyal Power - Divas Divine 2 Gallery