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UK TRIBE Ignite 2009 Review
By Sidney aka Scorn Juice
Published on 22-Aug-09
Yes folks … this is the third event in the festival and we are on a roll … after just leaving the Trini Luau 2009, we wanted more peppa in our waists and some more eye candy and definitely more ...

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Team TJJ … "The Diva & Scorn Show" …  Notting Hill 2009 Fete-Lympics©  continues

Yes folks … this is the third event in the festival and we are on a roll … just after leaving Trini Luau 2009,  we wanted more peppa in our waists, some more eye candy and definitely more alcohol!! And with Iwer George still in London to perform at UK TRIBE Ignite and some sexy body gyal to have on some sexy body colourful costume and beads and shizzada, we know where we are heading - The Fire Station in Hammersmith! Just a five minute walk to where the other event was located (wow, it really feels like we are in the Olympics huh? One event in this place which is walking distance from another event in another place ... go figure!?)

So while we were in Trini Luau wining down to the floor jamming on those white walls and white ceilings, we get the text message … "Yo TRIBE Costumes on Stage 10:30 pm". Uhm... we get that message at 11:17 pm.  Team ... Go Go Go!! So we bounce up Iwer outside... we say yeah he probably now reach – so we lock him in for some on camera small talk, then somebody point out, "Iwer, yuh taxi reach!!" Yes, Iwer done perform and riding out ... we were dumbfounded. The Boss still give TJJ TV the sneak preview of tings to come for Carnival 2010!

The Fire Station, wow!  Fabulous setting for a party; more of a social gathering point we would say but easily can be made into a party venue with the dance floor and the stage that was concocted, accompanied with the outside area where people can go for fresh air and even pull in some nicotine ... this venue rocks!!! Hold Up! I think we have another upcoming event in here this year ... Shhhh!! It soon come!! The bar and ground staff were very friendly and it added to the setting. For a free drinks or drinks inclusive or an all inclusive (we cannot remember what it was advertised as), the drinks were definitely flowing as we saw from the smiles on partygoers faces (or not) ... but we think it was because they love TJJ ... "Tell dem we reach!" Anyways, although there were limited alcohol options ... but by a certain point, who cares??!! Patrons were tipsy, high-out, eye bubbly, waist bubbly... ah whoa!!!! Alcohol is alcohol!! We completely missed everything apparently! Shame on TJJ (we should be purged or wined up on more the next time you see us - we vote for the later)! We missed the costume presentation, Iwer's performance and we missed the food but we were told, and we quote, "Quality was good, however quantity was poor and for an all inclusive you doh serve finger food!" But again we ask, "Was it an all inclusive or a free drinks fete??" Confused much?

Roaming through the party though, we immediately started to mingle and make new friends (and enemies... OOPS), interviewed people, got to meet some twins, the fellas with the pineapples (long story), the sexy body gyal wining up on the pole, the Australian duo who just love Soca music, the model-like dancers in the corner of the stage who refuse to let their picture taken but you could watch them roll their bamsee on one another KKKAAABBBOOOOMMM!!! Vibes!! We came ... We saw ... We wanted more! The vibe was definitely there, and the vibe never left from our entry to our departure.

Caribbean people love to dance, we love to mingle, we love to meet new people. And wow, talk bout sexy people in UK TRIBE Ignite... yes I; yes oui; the calibre of beauty was definitely there .... both men and women (although more sexy girls than guys...where are all the sexy men??) The crowd was of decent size, and for a party that is finishing at 2:00am, there was more than enough space to move ... space for everybody to get some love, space for man to lie down on the ground and take jam, space for people to change dancing partners or even three man jam up on one gyal ... who say group love??!! A bit too much  in some cases! :-) A particular young lady made a pole that she was fraternising on look like a dream come true for some men and we quote, "When I die I want to return as a pole!!" KKAABBOOOOM!!

It was that serious in UK TRIBE Ignite folks. So what's the final verdict?  Let's do a check list:

  • Fabulous Venue …  yes I!
  • Drinks Flowing … yes I ! (more choice next time please)
  • Sexy Gyal Rolling their firm/soft bumcees ... YES I!
  • Drunk people ... Yes I!!!
  • DJs running all the latest tunes and some good old ones …. YES I!!
  • Wine Up On Any And Everybody ... YES I!!!

What more can we ask for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

UK TRIBE & Busspepper ... big up yuh status and we will continue to support and love the vibe.

Toting my drunk team members home,
Amiel aka Guinness Juice
(Beth contributed to this review)

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