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In South Florida, On August 1st 2009, the China Mas Group presented its 2009 Band Launching "Kutlama" Celebration at Clup Tropical. This is a special occasion for the China Mas Group as they celebrated their 10th year anniversary. For more information, visit China Mas Group at www.chinamasgroup.com.

There was a nice crowd tonight however, some people were stickin like a 3rd grade dance for a while, but it definitley picked up during the night.

The venue was pretty easy to find with good space on the dancefloor and a gorgeous setup/decor.

The vibes was completely cool, despite a momentary pause in the music.

Good drinks! Good food! Enough Said.

The service was great, so great I didnt hear any complaints from anybody else either!

This was definitely worth the entrance fee.

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View China Mas 2009 Band Launch Gallery