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Carlvon, Curtis and the entire 2B crew thats for having us once again. The costumes look fabulous and we know you guys are going to play a wicked jab jab for jouvert. We can't wait!

The crowd was pretty decent. It was our typical Queens peeps in Brooklyn having a time as usual.

Being that on this particular day we did a whole lot of party hopping.  We were happy that we ended off the night here. Talk about vibes man it was so much fun for the short time we were there. We were kind of pissed that we didn't come there in thie first place.

The venue was pretty decent. Nice backyard to get some fresh air nice decor!! No complaints here from TJJ!

The bar was cheap and reasonably priced.  Where else can you get $5 mixed drinks??!! The corn soup from DJ Bird was BOSS! Hit the spot!!

$20 bucks didn't hurt your pockets, especially with $5 mixed drinks.

The service was eazy like squeezy!!!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View IERE 'Trinidad Then & Now' Gallery