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Nicely done Natalie! The podium girls did work their behinds off and we commend them for that. Sounds for Life, Kaos, Anonymous and Young Starr thanks for keeping that sweet soca, dancehall and hip hop pumping!

So when we arrived, on one side of the entrance we saw about 11 ladies, on the next side about 15 guys.The guys seemed to be in a rush to get searched and get in the party after checking out what the "hawt" ladies outside were working with. Finally we in de dance around 8:20pm or so and the party looking nice, everyone basically seemed to have had some alcohol in their system. Go figure, since the doors opened at 5pm. We felt a tad under dressed and inferior to all the ladies in the party. One word - Gorgeous!

We rolled up to the entrance of the party in a cabbie, who was annoyed cause we gave him the wrong address or maybe what we said fell on deaf ears....But either way it wasn't hard getting there and we don't know our way around Brooklyn at all. When we walked in we kept saying to myself is "Gangsta is purple and Terror Fabulous say dat". Inside was decorated with purple/lilac lanterns which were actually pretty if  we might add. Purple lights that looked like tiny purple butts of fire flies in the night sky. It really "REIGNED purple".

So the highlight for me that night was the ladies dressed in purple dancing on the podiums. We are sure most guys had a stiff neck after that night from constantly staring up at the ladies..Sexiness!!! Fans were given out and during the night was quite essential for battling the warm breeze that skipped through the crowd and for those who don't smoke, fanning away cigarette smoke.

We were most impressed by the snow cones (shaved iced) mixed with Johnny Walker...More Johnny less syrup please!! Some of us are not into mixed alcoholic drinks, but we had a little sip of it from one of our homeboys and it was quite tasty...not too sweet, we prefer Johnny by himself, no ice. Bar was fully stocked and had no problem getting to and from the bar. Bake and shark and a Shrimp concoction  was making us tusty for some food.

Dressed in purple the staff was courteous and pleasant and extremely friendly.

Bess thing everrrrr. Free before a certain time with invite. Some of us haven't been to a lot of  these fetes or parties as much as one of our homies Trixie have, but this one was actually one of the best we have been too. We were seen staggering down the streets of Brooklyn later that night. :D

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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