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Dario sweetie you guys did it again. We had a time on this boat. I'm sure you already know because you saw nuff slackness by the dj booth lol. It's always a pleasure working with you and the crew.

It was a nice grown and sexy crowd with one or two gwalas of coarse. Some of you ladies really made an effort I spotted some really cute get ups.

This event was on a boat. You guys know how Tjj Ny loves to sail. It was in Bk too whick was even better. The closer we are to home the better.

This boat had vibes for so. the djs did an awesome job. Close Connections, Starkid and notorious had everyone in a frenzy. Starkid thank you for playing girls just want to have fun. I didn't need to hear nothing else after that.

Well boy where do I begin. Mama J you're the best. That sunday lunch was rhell good. I was feeling shame to ask for a second plate so I sent a friend hahaha. You could cook for me anytime

The staff at the Sheryll Princess are always lovley. Shout out to the bartenders. I love you guys so much.

$40 It was a boatride a nice one too with the perfect weather perfect djs and nuff vibes.

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>> View Moisture The Boat Ride Gallery