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Well once again I have to big up the entire Sugarcane crew for another successfull event. The crew had a blast. We in there like swim wear again next year. Let's hope next year it's on a bigger boat. Much love to Charmaine and Spanish for having us.


Ok one question? Isn't Tuesday a regular day for work? We couldn't belive the enormous turn out there was for a Monday night boatride. Everybody and they mother was out. No wonder it was difficult to navigate trough this crowd.


Once again we're abroad on the Sheryll Princess. It's always a good look.


It didn't take too long for the vibes to pick up on this boat. The djs for the night definitely played thier part. Anonymous, Young Star and Dr wax kept the chunes coming. I think it's safe to say that Wax rocked the boat. He did really well we didn't want to leave. My boy even played a bit of rock an roll....you go boy!


As always we got Super star treatment.


The bar service is always awesome however we expected more food. The finger food that was served was quite delicious we were just expecting a feast since Sugarcane  was the host for the night. I was pretty impressed by the fact that the food was already seperated and ready to be served. I did hear one or two complaints about it being cold doh. That mango chow was Boss by the way.


$40 Totally worth it. Not one man was standing still so that means all yuh rhell wine all yuh $40 worth ;-).

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View Monday Nite Madness In Motion VII Gallery