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Shout out to the Club's Owner Shastri Aka 3! Great new spot always seems to be packed, good music, good service, and a hella of a good time!


Good Crowd size...Not much space to walk. More of a younger crowd about 21yr-35yrs. Nicely dressed, not much jeans on guys, ladies were mostly dressed up.


Very close to highways (Van Wyck Expwy, Belt Parkway, & Nassau Expwy). Not too far from brooklyn, Right off of 3 main roads (Woodhaven Blvd. Rockaway Blvd & Liberty Ave.


Lots of people on the dance floor, 2 girls even got up on the bar at the end of night. Another set was on top the seats dancing! DJ was good, kept the crowd going. Not much people sitting down. Music system need a bit more base.


Parking is great, they have a parking lot well lit and very close to the lounge, within view of security. No problems getting in, just showed TJJ id & was banned and right in. Bartenders were very nice, good service!


Had a rum & coke, a little too much coke & not enough rum!

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>> View Girl Power New York Gallery