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Labor day Sunday is finally here. Mind you every party promotion possible is throwing a party on the same day and at the same time. Its a good thing we at TJJ always know where the hott spots are. Amnesia was definetly one of those must attend events for the wknd. If you wasn't at Amnesia this year I really feel sorry for you. This party was the best for the summer thus far. The performances were great the vibe was off the hook. The people were beautiful oh how I wish I could do it all over again.


If you see people. Oh my goodness a mixture of the regular faces mixed with some new ones from out of state. It's always a pleasure to meet fresh faces. The crowd was awesome.


Loved the venue it was nicley decorated and easy to find. Parking wasn't that bad either. Sometimes you just gotta love BK .... Brooklyn!!!!!!!!!!!


Well boy where do I begin? First of all I'm not trying to add anything negative but the sound system was acting up a bit in the begining, but yuh see when that Rhythm section started to play it was the sweetest thing. I must hail them out. They were really good. Then Natural Freaks, Sounds 4 Life and Gb God Bless all took turns on the turn tables and destroyed the party in a great way. Every bumsie and batty and waistline in the place was rolling. Even Tanty in the corner ... lol. If that wasn't enough 3 Canal, Iwer and Kees all gave breathtaking performances that I know everyone all enjoyed. It was really funny when Iwer had a lady from the crowd singing along with him. Everyone participated and sang along and I loved it. The vibe was definetly there and it deserves a 9 hands down.


The service was cool and organized. Everyone looked really cute rocking thier Amnesia 2009 tees.


As usual we arrived at super star times so I'm not sure if there was any food  left while I was there. The drinks however were swift and they kept coming like water. I just love the randoms I meet while I'm working.


If I'm not mistaken early bird tickets were either $25 or $30 bucks thats not bad at all. I mean you did get a handfull of live performances and don't forget the fete went on for 12 hours. What more could you want?

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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