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Although our jam session and shenanigans at Ambience was short it was sweet.  TJJ will like to give a big thank you to Gareth! Much Love and Respect!!


When we arrived, the place was about a third full at best.  Probably because this event kicked off at 7am. Word has it that it was pumping between 1 and 5ish pm so I guess we missed out on some of the action. 


Volume 2 is legendary for having great events over the years and is a favorite amongst the party animals in New York.  Great size. Depending on the event it could easily become a sweatbox even though it is an outdoor venue.  The only thing ... parking is hellified to say the least.  We had to walk two and a half blocks! We can only imagine how far the walk would have been from the car if we arrived two hours earlier.


Even though we were there for about an hour and a half to the end the music was jamming hard and folks were just happy happy happy! 


First things first, drinks. We never made it to the bar because TJJ gets alot of love so two steps into the fete drinks were already in hand.  We did swing by the food section and sample some pineapple chow...YUMMMM!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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