Fireball on video shoot for "What I Want"Fireball talks about his soca star experience, piracy and his greatest fear

1. How do you feel about your International success?
I feel great knowing that it is something that I came up with. They journey has just begun and I am confident.

2. How did you link up with French music producer Bob Sinclair?
A French guy heard the song, took it to Bob and then everything just happened from there.

3. Do people in your area still embrace your now that you are famous?
Yes they do as a matter of fact they treat me with more respect.

4. Your hit song 'What I Want', is it about a personal experience?
It is actually more than one story but I will tell you this. My girl of seven years likes to cut style on me and I don't like it, so that's basically how the song came about.

5. How was your experience making the video in L.A.?
It was cool, everyone treated me with respect and the ladies were polite.

6. Do you think that you will change?
There are circumstances that may arise where I might have to act differently because of different environments and people but my humility would not change. I look before I leap and that's the adage that I live by.

7. How did you enter the Synergy Soca Star competition?
Bunji Garlin saw me perform one time and looked me straight in the eye and told me that I should enter the competition. When he said it I could tell that he saw something in me because he is a big entertainer.

Fireball on video shoot for "What I Want"8. What were some of your concerns during that competition?
I thought it would be easier than it looked but that was not so. Now fireball is no big winer boy so I had to capture both the youth and adult audience with my song which was different. That was a great challenge for me but things worked out well. The show was also about image, flair and favoritism.

9. Who do you think was your greatest challenger for the synergy soca star finals?
Kimba Sorzano

10. Are you still interested in producing the Fireball brand Juices?
Yes I am but everytime I try my name gets bigger and bigger and the project gets stalled.

11. What are your thoughts on Piracy in Trinidad and Tobago?
I understand why it is done…not everyone can afford an original Cd. If there were only original Cds on the market alot of people would be without music.

12. Were you apart of any choirs in school?
Not really but I sang at City Hall and was apart of an Adventist church group.

13. Do you remember your first crush?
(Lol) You all are taking me way back here. I was around 6 or 7 and it was a girl from my neighborhood. She was very pretty and I think she liked me as well.

14. How did you come up with the name Fireball?
I did not come up with the name, I was about 9 years old and I used to chant. Two of my friends did not like my real name so they gave me the name Fireball.

15. Which international celebrity would you most likely do collaboration with?
Akon, Rihanna or Sean Paul

16. What is your greatest Joy?
Writing music

Fireball on video shoot for "What I Want"17. What is your greatest fear?
Seeing my son in danger and not being able to help him.

18. Describe your fondest childhood memory?
That was when my father brought home something for us apart from the lunch my mother cooked, like doubles or roti.

19. Describe the most adventurous thing that you ever did?
It was the night of Alternative Concept (AC 4), I opened the show and minutes into my performance the audio malfunctioned, I did not panic I just went Acapella and ripped up the crowd.

20. What advice would you give to aspiring soca stars?
Believe in yourself and put God first. Never feel sorry for yourself and if you are worried that you do not have any shoes remember that there is a man without feet.

21. If you had a chance to do over one thing in life, what would it be and why?
Hmm…that's a good question! I would have started singing soca at a younger age.