Alicia "The Duchess" AwaiAlicia "The Duchess" Awai is one of few female DJ's to have stood the test of time and satisfied the critical ear of the crowds.

1. Your greatest joy?
Realising my potential as a DJ.

2. Your secret fear?

3. The best advice you have received and from whom?
Yes they do as a matter of fact they treat me with more respect.

4. Your most embarrassing moment?
I'm sorry, it was too embarrassing to tell.

5. Your happiest moment?
The birth of my two kids.

6. The biggest turn on in a man?
Intelligence, diligence and honesty.

7. The biggest turn-off?
Bad breath is one, but more condemning is arrogance, vanity and conceit.

8. The part of your body you like the most?
I love all of me. I have the complete package.

9. The body part you would like to change if given the chance?

Alicia "The Duchess" Awai10. The best book you ever read?
Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now by Maya Angelou.

11. On a second chance, what would be your dream profession?
A veterinarian.

12. The thing most people do not know about you?
I'm very shy.

13. Your pet peeve?
Dishonesty and egocentric people.

14. Your favourite food?
Any good Creole dish. I also like macaroni and cheese.

15. The woman you most admire apart from your mother, wife or lover?
Oprah Winfrey.

16. Your secret personality weapon?
Determination. I have a very strong mind and I don't give up until I achieve my goals.

17. Your personal credo?
Knowledge is Power... Educate yourself and you can rule the world.

18. Your irresistible temptation?
Music, music and more music.

19. The one place you would like to visit before you die?
China... The Far East in general... The culture there is intriguing.

20. Your most elusive goal?
To be a successful entrepreneur: so that I can be my own boss and run the show.