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It had a star studded DJ cast with Rapid Response, Redymix and more but the highlight of the afternoon was without a doubt when the announcer pelted several jabs at Uncle Patrick and then apologized when he was made aware that his son was in the building.


It was a good size crowd having a time. As usual they wore some sexy clothing.

Well it's Club Alchemy. It;s a very nice place with out a doubt. Definitely changed the way I look at Clubs now but hey I parked next to the gas station. I ain't got not time to stick.

Well like a MJ Video the dance floor was split into two (2) sides. A dancing side and a watching side. I made my own called the Jonathan Mark side. The vibes were nice though for many they can say the party was raving.

I did not stay in the morning so I did not see what the breakfast was but the bar is supplied by a club so your guaranteed a club experience there lol

I did not tackle the bar but from watching they did have good service. One (1) person was serving in the VIP and when it got too much for her to handle another peerson came and BOOM BANG. They were ready.

It was an everyday priced event. I'm sure you got every bang for your buck unless you rel cheap and in that case you shouldn't be partying anyway.

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