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PoisonUK Thank You Party Review
By Sidney aka Scorn Juice
Published on 26-Sep-09
PoisonUK Next Level events hosted a Thank You Party for all their loyal and passionate patrons who ...

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PoisonUK Next Level events hosted a Thank You Party for all their loyal and passionate patrons who paid their money and played their Notting Hill Carnival 2009 mas with PoisonUK. What a cool gesture! If your patrons did not appreciate it this well then they damn well ungrateful!!!

A mature crowd was on hand tonight with everybody manning their wining/dancing stations or those manning their drinking stations by the bar! Socialising and friendly was the word of the night however .... there were the "serious" folk ... (true scorn juice admirers or haters will know what "the serious" means)!

seOne night club; the chameleon of night clubs - always changing its design, always changing its shape ... AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess it adds to the excitement you know ... imagine going to the same club for most events however, you never going to expect how they have designed it tonight in terms of shape ... yeah every club could decorate differently ... ah baby stuff ... but seONE ... ah boy ... special K cereal ain't want nutten on seOne ... by the way they say special K could make you change your shape ... BRAPS!

This was a Thank You Party. I am not sure what happened ... Honestly speaking - I cannot describe the vibes ... no words can express what I saw. A few points to mention that a tall red skin woman won best outfit for the night and a woman name Debbie won the Dubai challenge. I am speechless after that ...

Once again ... I never have problems with clubs ... never have problems with door men ... never have problems with bar men ... maybe its me ... I don't know ... but service was spot on !!!

So Uhm cost ... I quote "Admission is a mere £10 in advance, £15 at the door – or for PoisonUK and Dynasty Masqueraders, you are absolutely FREE before midnight! A lil’ something we’re giving back to you" ... Uhm ...

Appreciation is something to admire! PoisonUK appreciates its patrons and I think their patrons appreciate PoisonUK and what they have to offer!
Wendel and Friends ... as the saying goes ... If you love what you are doing, you will be successful ... I know you all love what you all do!!! Keep It Up!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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