5 Minutes With S.K.H.IAfter meeting up with artist S.K.H.I at his house to do a small photoshoot, we thought the mood and atmosphere most appropriate to get a little more up close and personal with the man himself. You know, just to find out a couple things that we are sure most people would not have even figured or knew about de man, TJJ style of course ... yea how about a "5 Mins With" session. We are sure the fans are curious to know the new S.K.H.I, and when we say new we mean the "new look." Yes folks, TJJ is always first to get de exclusive inside scoop on all that's hot and new. 5 Mins with S.K.H.I begins now!

Peter: How did you get the name, SKHI?
SKHI: Well the name mean Science Knowledge Heighten Intelligence, basically means that we use everything around us to gather info from, ah mean it is a little deeper than that but that is the meaning.. gringing
Peter: Whoa ... didn't know it ment all that!!

Peter: What would you say is your inspiration?
SKHI: Well life and every day living is where I get my main inspiration from, seeing a nice woman, people laughing and having ah time... just life man!
Peter: I hear ya, a nice woman ehh ... lol! Interesting.

Peter: When did you realize that you wanted to be an entertainer?
SKHI: Early age yuh know, since I was 10 in primary school. I like singing and dancing.

Peter: What was you most memorable performance?
SKHI: Well boy that is ah tricky one ... *short pause* I would say Soca Monarch 2008 ... and when I saw the sea of people in the Oval. Also when I came off ah lady back stage said "SKHI, yuh mek meh porse raise!" Ah will never forget that one.

Peter: We noticed the new look... no more dredlocks. What motivated the new hair cut?
SKHI: Change ... lololol. Obama bring change... lolol. Nah just playing, just wanted ah new look, something to show the ladies ah fresh... lol.

Peter: Has anyone not recognised you since, and just passed you by? :-)
SKHI: Yuh know, it's funny because I thought people would but not really, it just kind of throw them back. Even Shurwayne saw me in the airport when we were both leaving and he made me out ... haha.

Peter: Noticing a new Rav4 parked in the garage, we were wondering ... What is your dream ride?
SKHI: My dreams don't have cars in them, my dream is to land a nice contract where all I do is entertain people.
Peter: Humm ... deep and inspiring words. Definitely wasn't expecting that answer ... lol.

Peter: Where's the one place in the world you want to go, and why?
SKHI: That is ah good question ... lolol.
Peter: (chuckles) That's why I asked!
There are so many places, and so many places I have been already. I would say ah tour of Africa ... ah mean to see them living in such hardships on TV. I will love to go one day and spread ah little love Trini style one blessed day.
Peter: Ah man with a big heart...

Peter: Besides music, is there anything else you're passionate about?
SKHI: Well I love women yuh know (chuckles) ... but music is it! Yuh know some people passionate about cars, and others about many other things, well for me it's music and female company ... lol.
(we both laugh)

Peter: If you weren't involved in music, what do you think you would be doing?
SKHI: Not sure nah ...

Peter: What is one thing your fans don't know about you?
SKHI: My age ... lolololololololol
Peter: And I guess you are not telling??!! ... lol

Peter: What do you miss the most about Trinidad when you are away?
SKHI: Ah cold Stag in San Juan!!
Peter: I feel ya on that!

d' local Juice,
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