When out in the dating world, is height really a deal breaker?  I know, growing up all d ladies used to talk about was finding someone tall, dark and handsome...Well, what about short and sweet? I always say good things come in small packages, as I am quite the smallie but then again, I am a girl.  There is a double standard when it comes to d men.

Height has always played a very big part in the dating world, according to some of my close girlfriends.  A cousin of mine, a MAD cocoa woman, is quite the tallie and always says height is very important to her...now is this because of aesthetic purposes ah wha?  Sure it may look a likkle odd to the passersby when she walks down the road with a short man on her arm but in the end does this really matter?  She says that it has to do with the height and how they would look funny together.  How does this not matter to men?  Another cousin of mine, a MAD caramel woman is 5'4" and married to a 6'5" man.  Sure they get looks going down the street but that doesn't seem to bother her or him.  Does height bother men?

I can see bad breath, ugliness, even a snaggletooth being an issue when looking for a potential suitor, but height?  Why is this such a BIG thing?  I need to know. Would you be attracted to Tyson Beckford if he was only 5'5"?  He'd still be hot...and if I was 6', believe me, he could still get it!

I mean let's face it, when we get old two things happen fuh sure...we shrink and our ears get bigger. So in the long run, is height really that important?