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Well I can definitely say I wanna go Legacy again. My only question is where is my wire bra??? I need that to survive. The MC for the night made an interesting comment though ... "You need Massala to enjoy Kutchela..."


Had a big crowd some people dressed to impressed some people were normal. Spotted some guys like Mr. Terry Seales and Big Mike did a good job of hyping the crowd.


The Venue was Anchorage which is Chagaramas. You can take in the ocean vibes and it actually had parking.


It had decent vibes people started partying even before 12 which isn't often these days. Vibes were cool, as every one just mellowed and had a good time.

Well I didn't have to wait more than 1 minute to be served in the VIP actually in the whole party. Wonderful service.


Food and drink well if you were a VIP. You love yourself as you got free drinks, doubles, and corn soup. It was wonderful. If you weren't VIP although you had to pay you got gyros  and drinks.

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View Legacy's 2010 Presentation ... "MASALA" Gallery