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This being the first event - the brain starter - the waist teaser - the party to start off the Miami Carnival 2009 (so we were told) - I had to ensure we arrived in Florida from the Wednesday. Loads of people were asking us where the crew? Where Daddy Juice? Where PSI? Man like Roget ... (who we will not say what happened to due to embarassing and amazingly funny circumstance ... but you know what one (1) TJJ crew member is like having a presence of five (5) anywhere, anyday, anytime ...

There was a at least couple hundred people in the dance ... key word ... couple ... in terms of the male to female ratio ... it has dumfounded us ... would not say more ... someone told me that the men look like they real "tusty" ... they tracking and trying to get into any drawers hahahaha ....

Sosta Lounge ... is quite in the heart of Hollywood ... very easy to get to in terms of just off the I95 highway ... parking was superb ... what? right outside the venue dude!? Awesome! However, no matter how tall you are you still cannot escape the heat and the sweat box power of the Lounge!

The "first" party for Miami Carnival 2009 and there was definitely a presence of people wanting more! The DJs on the ones and twos ... wait ... no the fruit .... yes ... the DJs that were spinnin' the tunes on the fruit had the dance pumping running real old dancehall like Beenie Man - Sim Simma ... ugh? Anyway, people were sweaty ... people were grinding ... I find Miami missing some snogging ... wham to dem?!

There was food outside for sale on the terrace like style with some pleasant food servers ... we did not have a taste but we did not see any complainers ... nor with the drinks ... nor with the drinks .... I think once drinks serving and flowing nothing will go wrong!!!

We had no problems getting in despite the bounce rubbing down all my crown jewels ... the bar service was top of the line as well ... not a long wait ... and definitely some attractive bar maids ... made us want to buy more ...

So Uhm ... I do not know how much of the monopoly money you had to give away to get into this party but I would have to say it  was worth the warm-up ... Uhm ... one thing though .... $6.00US for a redbull ...

Larson and friends ... thank you for having us at your event ... thank you for the support ... and the love ... your party was a good warm-up ... and I do not refer to the humidity!!!!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View Bacchanal Wednesday Miami 2009 Gallery