TJJ Guru Report Card for Miami-Broward ONE Carnival 2009

There were many crazy parties and we still have scores and parties coming in.  We did want to get the list started because of the number of parties that were covered.  Let's get started.

Rank Event Name
Socavivor - Int'l Flag Night 2009
U-WE 'The Original University Fete' 2009 64
Super F.R.I.E.N.D.S 2009
Bacchanal Wednesday Miami 2009
Socavivor - Rise Miami Meets Shine NYC 2009
Girl Power Miami 2009
ShorBlu present MIAMI VICE 72
Eden 2009 (Miami Carnival Sunday)
DV8 Miami 2009
TRIBE Ignite Miami 2009
Black and White "Safari"
Scruples Block-O 2009
Red Eye 5 Year Anniversary 80
3 Vale Vibe Miami 2009
2 Luxe Life: The Yacht Party
1 D' Ultimate All Inclusive Miami Day Fete 2k9

Please note that these events are premium carnival events (i.e. the best of the best). TJJ attended these events and rated them in our report. If an event is not listed in this report it's because we did not attend. In an effort to get you the scores early we listing now but you may see the scores more up and down as we get more information from other members in the team.

The details are behind this report card is posted in each gallery (click on event name).

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The success of our carnivals are due to our collective comments (yours and TJJ analysis).  TJJ believes we all are part of a new generation of consumers.  Think of us as intelligent partying folks.  We no longer trust most brands anymore because they do not deserve our trust.  We are the 'search, compare and verify' crowd and our numbers are growing.  We will be the reason for any Carnival success.

We encourage you to add your comments (for both individual events and overall report) to make mention of your favorite event this Miami Carnival 2009 season.

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