5 Minutes With Sounds4Life When you think about West Indian DJs in New York, one name that definitely comes to mind is Trinidadian DJ, Sounds4Life. Spinning wikid chunes every Thursday at Shorblu's Vice fete at Aura, Sounds4Life always knows how to get a session started! In the midst of all the whining and the drink waving, I snuck up to the DJ booth and got my interview, yelling questions into Sounds4Life's ear and laughing all the way through!

Eljon: So every DJ has a story as to where they got their name. How did you come up with yours?
Sounds4Life: I chose the name because music is the sound for life!
Eljon: (we laugh) Makes sense!

Eljon: How did you get into DJing?
Sounds4Life: I've always loved and been fascinated by music. I started to DJ as a hobby and found I was pretty good at it and the rest is history.

Eljon: What is your favorite Riddim?
Sounds4Life: Oh there are too many! Well, at the moment it's the "Unfinished Business" Riddim because no matter when and where you drop it, people just go crazy.

Eljon: Do you have a signature DJ move that separates you from the others?
Sounds4Life: No. Well I don't think so. I guess my motto is more music, less talk. I don't talk if I can help it when I spin.

Eljon: If you weren't in the music business, what would you be doing?
Sounds4Life: I would probably be dead because music IS my life.

Eljon: Is there a particular song you must include in every set you do?
Sounds4Life: "Bahalia Girl" by David Rudder!
Eljon: Chune fuh real!

Eljon: If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?
Sounds4Life: (looks at me surprised) Excuse me?
Eljon: (we laugh) You heard me!
Sounds4Life: I would be a lion because he's King of the Jungle!
Eljon: Growl.

We finished our interview at the perfect time! Just as he answered our last question, Sounds4Life sprung into action spinning big chunes and expressing his profound love for music with his song choices and not his voice J

- Mix Juice