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It's Saturday already.. officially 'All Inclusive Day in Miami 2009' and it's time for the TJJ crew to split up so we could get a piece of each pie !!! So much parties in one day boy.. so much choice.. and we cyah believe this is last Fete day before the  real deal. We only hoping that the clue is in the name of where this part of the team headed!  D' Ultimate All inclusive Miami Day Fete is waiting and we speeding up the I-95 after some serious mid carnival crashing to take in this fete in FULL swing ...So it's up to a Posh one, a Scornful one and some PSI Investigations to do some serious undercover work as to which fete is THE fete for Miami all inclusive day...

This was a big venue and it's good thing too because they pull a nice big crowd ! Luckily the venue was spacious enough to mean that this crowd were not packed in too tight.. everyone had enough space to jam and wine. The crowd was probably a lil more sophisticated and mature than some of the other fetes so far but it had a real nice mixture of people from young to old. We see some sexy outfits, some beachy outfits and some flag superheros come out wrapped in all their patriotic glory to show us their Caribbean pride. Some of the best eye candy in Miami so far...so this is where the girls and guys have been hiding  (even the bar staff !!) ...we love it !!!

Gulfstream is officially a race track and casino so bars and food points were spaced out nicely across the venue with one main bar in the centre opposite the stage. Plenty bar staff at every point and even some lovely ladies walking around with snacks and deserts, there was nothing they didn't have and there was a smiling face at every stop to give yuh what yuh want ! One minor thing was you had to get chits for drinks and they were being collected from a different booth across from the bar. Having said that they were very organised and so there was no queue for either chits nor drinks and so lucklily it was a smooth process !!

Well boy the TJJ flag superheros gave us their quote on the night and I got to say sounds like a steal of a deal.. $125 US for VIP and you get VIP access, all the premium drinks, food, snacks, chocolate brownies, strawberries, cakes, pastries, bake and shark etc that you could possibly consume . My boys say by round  7 they had easily spent less than on a normal night out !!! AWESOME... Non VIP prices were also great value - $65- $75 for all the same goodies minus the VIP entrance.. yuh cyah go wrong !!!

WOW...the stage performances, the open air, the very generous drinks definitely contributed to a party that could have had Vibes in its title !!! This was without a doubt THE VIBES of Miami carnival... coupled with the fact that we have to say Mr  Montano gave us an amazing performance (potentially Machel's best performance in a while... comments please ???!!!!) On stage we were treated to the sounds of Adesh Samaroo,Byron Lee, Patrice, Zan and of course Machel HD.. to name just a few.... The girls went nuts for the live bands.. they wine up all how, in the sand, on the race track, even on Machel leg... seriously bazodee !!! The performances lasted until the last possible moment and this crowd was pumping with pure original all inclusive vibes !!! Investigation complete!!! This fete win!! Think about it this way ... Fete Done ... People Leaving ... Man still jammin' woman in the car park and pose off for pictures ... "JungleJuice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Located just off the 95 going North from Downtown Miami, is Gulf Stream casino and race track. A very large corner of which was dedicated to the carnival with a big stage, plenty bars and places to get on bad. It was beautifully organised from the entrance all the way through to getting your drinks and getting in and out of VIP. There was plenty space and this part of the venue was completely outdoor which added to the day fete ambience. One teeny tiny complaint.. with the race track came sand and some of the finer dressed ladies found themselves sinking at certain points ! Team TJJ need new shoes and new pants !!!

Now one team in DV8.. one team in UWI all inclusive.. one team here in Day Fete.. Vale Vibe next ... Link up !!!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

Elizabeth aka Posh Juice
The Only Thing constant is change

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