With probably his most successful season since his hit song "Commess in De Place", Roger "Patch" Joseph has taken Soca lovers by surprise with one of this year's top tracks "Rum and Roti". It seems as if every promoter wants Patch this Carnival season! Fortunately JoyJuice caught up with Patch at the Caribbean Festival Village during this year's Atlanta Carnival Celebrations and found out a little more about the talented singer.

JoyJuice: Roger, the name Patch, where did it come from? There must be a story....
Patch: Yeah man, I had it from birth. I have a patch of gold hair on my head and since I know myself, people calling me Patch.

JoyJuice: So any brothers and/or sisters?
Patch: I have two sisters.... I am in the middle of them.

JoyJuice: Man to man, were you as miserable as me?
Patch: How yuh mean? I from South yuh know, Cedros, deep deep South... so I must be miserable!

JoyJuice: Now that you are a Soca Star, what is it like to share the stage with some of the best?
Patch: Nah man... No star. I just love what I do. I really do it for the fans. I just have a love for the people and try to do it for them.

JoyJuice: Where does Patch see himself in ten years? Still in the Soca industry?
Patch: Of course man. I will still be singing. I love it.

JoyJuice: Really? So, do you have anything new for the people?
Patch: Yeah man... I have something up my sleeve. I have a song with an international singer from Jamaica... (2010 Soca Release - "Good Woman" with Lady Saw)

JoyJuice: Wow... so give us ah lil' thing nah...at least the name of the song....
Patch: Okay, okay... only because it's Jungle Juice! It will be called "Rum and Duck".

JoyJuice: When you on the road, do you miss Mummy's home cooked food?
Patch: Well I grew up with my aunt... but I do alot of cooking man. I could handle de pot good.

JoyJuice: Who has been a mentor to you?
Patch: Well... it have quite a few people but Darrel Braxton has. He was my producer for "Commess in De Place".

JoyJuice: Is singing your full-time profession now?
Patch: Nah man. I am a plasterer for a company in Brooklyn.

JoyJuice: I noticed your songs take a commentary type of role.... Where did that come from?
Patch: Well I have always had much respect for Ronnie McIntosh and he opened the door for my style.

JoyJuice: Yuh ever see yuhself with ah band?
Patch: Not really, but not ruling anything out. I'm just enjoying the solo vibes now. Trying to stick to my goals and see how things go.

JoyJuice: Patch, thanks man for the time..... anybody yuh want to big up?
Patch: Yeah man... TJJ of course, and my manager Wendy Lewis. Thanks again Jungle Juice. Lookout for "Rum and Duck" eh!

- JoyJuice