CD Review: Coming Home...

VP's D'Soca Zone is essentially a carry-on partner to their excellent Soca Gold series. And it's timely, released on the eve of Carnival, the album typically packs some of the potential road march favorites.

Expectedly, the best thing that can be said about the 6th 'Wukk Up' (and presumably ever other edition in the series) is that it is absolutely a fun listen. There is something on here for you I can all but guarantee you, regardless of what kind of music you listen to, something on this album will get you moving on some level definitely.

The best stuff tune here without a doubt is the opener by posterboy Kevin Lyttle, who drops a massive shot on Home for Carnival, the hook on the tune is so cool. Also check the excellent "Genie" by Tony Prescott, "Sucker" by Sanell Dempster, "Waisteline Shotz" by Mr DJ and "Fire Me Up" by the much talked about Bud. I also liked both tunes by Da Bhann "Inside ah de Fete" and "Dun De Place," featuring Giselle and Buke respectively.

The TJJ crew loves tracks "First Time" by Taxik and "Wet" by Bamani - the melodies are just sweet!

Overall, (this is probably the shortest review I've written in years) I'll stamp the seal of reccommendation on this one and I'm on my way to Carnival! Something here will definitely get you going, the last Soca Gold album was nearly essential, but this one isn't too far behind, huge huge vibes.

Bramoi for Trini Jungle Juice


D'Soca Zone 6th Wukk Up - Various Artists (VP Records)
Release Date: Jan 24th 2006

01. Home For Carnival - Kevin Lyttle
02. Waistline Shotz - Mr. DJ
03. Keep It Rolling - Edwin Yearwood featuring Sakito
04. Welcome - Sheldon Douglas
05. Genie - Shurface featuring Tony Prescott
06. Inside Ah De Fete - Da Bhann featuring Giselle The Wassy One
07. Sucker - Sanell Dempster
08. Jockey Shorts - Mr.Lee
09. Fire Me Up - Bud
10. First Time - Taxik
11. Wet - Bomani
12. So Hot - Pelf
13. Death Trap - Double Xplijun featuring Donella Weeks
14. Mr. Postman - Lima Calbio
15. Mokojumbie - Daddy Jones & Pumpa
16. Another Man - El-A-Kru
17. Dun De Place - Da Bhann & Buke
18. Bad Mimi Mega Mix - DJ Rude Boy - Bunji, Fay-Ann, Claudette Peters & Wasie