CD Review: I've been waiting for you!

Typically this album will come out in May or June, and I will completely be caught off guard, everytime I catch myself going "Its time for the Soca Gold album already", and while it was previously just a sidekick to the Reggae Gold series, this 'Robin' album for the last few years has ridiculously outshone its 'Batman' counterpart.

This year is no different as 2006's installment has mighty big shoes to fill as '05's was sooooo huge with the vibes. Things are a little more relaxed this year, but the vibes are still there. And, disarmed with the customary mix CD accompaniment, and re-armed with a nice little useful DVD in the package with nice footage, this one seems fit to set the tone for future installments. And by the same token, if you're a fan of Caribbean music, go and look at the tracklist for Reggae Gold 2006. . . go ahead I'll give you a second. . . Finish? Exactly, you know all those songs!

I went to Carnival in TnT this year and had an excellent time! One of the best of my life, just a great time! And I was really looking forward for awhile to this one, even though I'm still vibing to 2005. So this year, unlike previous, I have a few 'complaints' (not real complaints): I don't know if anyone has yet to make VP aware of a little artist named Destra. . .; We couldn't get a some kind of version of Ganja Farmer by Marlon Asher, I know its nowhere near Soca, but last time I checked, you put Sasha on 2004, start getting this artist out there someway somehow!; and what about the Sizzla-KMC combination? Would have looked nice! And MY SONG! Where's Maximus Dan's Warrior? (told you they weren't real complaints, just wanted to look like I've been paying attention)

Kudos go to VP for getting Dawg E Slaughter back on the album with one of the finest efforts here altogether with the excellent UP in DAT. The song is reminiscent of the big sounding tunes like Bounce and Trample which got me listening to the artist. Love Up in Dat bad! That's not to say that its the best song on the album however. That distinction belongs to Fay Ann Lyons' truly excellent That is Carnival! I LOVE that song, if it doesn't do something to you, I'm sorry to tell you, but you died somewhere along the way!

The girls here really outshine the boys, with Fay-Ann accompanying unknown (to me) Ms Alysha on the wonderful Party and soon to be booming star Nadia Boston taking over on One Island. One Island is kind of what I consider that quintessential Soca that is not that over-powering type of marching feel. Its more laid back, but still has that big vibe, excellent tune! (okay maybe putting Destra on here might have overloaded my senses!)

Of the boys doing well is of course Slaughter and Bunji. Bunji dropping the SECOND best tune for the Soca Boys on Warriors Coming. I also REALLY like Mista Vibe's Ting 4 D Road. The song sounds kind of messy, but it reminds me of one of my favorite Soca tunes ever, Thelma by South South West. (to-date I haven't finished Ting 4 D Road because I always go and pull out Thelma!)

Also check out upset winner of Monarch this year Shurwayne Winchester with Calypso Rose on Tempo, nice nice tune. Former multiple Monarch winner Iwer George finally back here, sounding very good on We Reach. See! You let me talk about this album long enough, I'll recommend nearly every tune! I even like Carnival Feeling, with another female in Rita Jones shining!

Overall, I always love this album. Soca Gold gives a good mix of the different style's of music. But it's generally a direction where it tries to go. 2004 was all over the place trying to hit as hard as possible, '05 was even more all over the place, but toning it back just a tad, this one tones it back a little more, quite a lot like 2002. But it makes it work, and it also includes the DVD allowing the average fan to put faces with the music. With TnT making it (and giving a mighty fine effort in the process) to the World Cup this year, Soca continuing to have a presence in the mainstream with artists like Rupee, Kevin Lyttle and Destra on the rum commercial, this might be one of the most important installments of this one, and musically, it lives up to it, definitely recommended!

(oh yeah and I forgot about Park It, by Explainer, big tune! And hilarious!)

Bramoi for Trini Jungle Juice


Soca Gold 2006- Various Artists (VP Records)
Release Date: Jun 20th 2006

Track Listings
01. Tempo - Calypso Rose featuring Shurwayne Winchester
02. Carnival Feeling - Roy Cape/Rita Jones
03. We Reach - Iwer George
04. All Inclusive - Explainer featuring Maximus Dan
05. Losing Control - Kevin Lyttle featuring Jamesy P
06. Take You With Me - Edwin Yearwood featuring Lady Saw
07. One Island - Nadia Baston
08. De Harder Deah Come - Red Hot Flames
09. Warrior's Coming - Bunji Garlin
10. He Lie - Blackie
11. Park It - Explainer
12. Soul On Fire - KMC
13. Til Morning - Lil' Rick
14. Outta Hand - Tony Prescott
15. That Is Carnival - Fay-Ann Lyons
16. Ting 4 D Road - Mista Vybe
17. Party - Miss Alysha/Fay-Ann Lyons
18. Up In Dat - Mr. Slaughter