CD Review: Well Worth De Wait!

Ah wait and ah wait, ah count corbeaux on meh neighbor roof and sip mauby in de hot sun, and ya know what? It was well worth de wait.

The CD "Pan have We DNA," is already ah essential for all Trini's and Calypso lovers. Hogging 4 kaisos that holding de prestigious title of Trinidad and Tobago Calypso Monarch winners; "Fish Mongrel" and "Trinidad in the Cemetery" for 2004 and "I in Town Too Long" and "Ah Doh Rhyme" for 2005. So getting the 2006 release should be a given.

Well Dr. Hollis Liverpool aka Chalkdust "new" cd is out. I run out and grab it up one time despite it only having 6 songs. De Mighty Chalkie, a 7 time Calypso Monarch winner cyah let down. This cd boasts his contest entry tracks which were never heard by the public prior to Sunday night Demarche Gras show. A feat in itself to enter without getting the public warmed up to the titles nor the experience and practice that prior performances would bring to the stage.

Chalkdust determined to match the current record held by the Mighty Sparrow of 8 titles before retiring will have to give us another year of bliss as he only placed 3rd this year despite a loud dissatisfied crowd. The same crowd that expressed their devotion to the 1976 Trinidad & Tobago Humming Bird Silver Medalist for Contribution to Calypso ensured that Chalkie won the People's Choice Award 2006 on the night for his performances "The Bandit Factory" and "Chalkie The Mailman."

"The Bandit Factory" as a cd reflects all the things that are intrinsically Trinidad and Tobago past and present in terms of melody and content. The cd titled song not is current in it's focus on the crime issues that is plaguing the island, and describes how different aspects of our society are responsible for our recent conveyer belt of ole tief.
Having an excellent talent for describing the elephant in the room in fine and fun detail, Chalkie goes on to tell us all about how easy it is to have your way in sweet T&T... just make sure and have some money to pass. Whether yuh looking for ah big building contract or getting yuh gun permit asap... a few blue notes is de new according to Liverpool, and he letting you know a few people that accepting.

"Dookeran have Jack" is another born classic sure to be a big hit in rum shops around de world, describing the latest war for head of de UNC. Ah "all fours" sweat is de platform for this battle between these friendly poilcians. It have all de fundamentals to a boss game; 10 fuh baiting, studying de cut pack, and who holding piece to hang de Jack! With all de commess in Trinidad and Tobago these days it impossible to miss. De island does look like Portugese fans take over and paint de island casue everywhere is Green or Red. So Chalkie do he own investigation to get to the bottom of de Digicel and Lactel invasion. And well it turn out dat there only following were de money is. Trini like a ole talk... They does talk too much! Stories, for example bout Trinis calling Lara in Australia to tell him dat dey see a stray dog in he yard is just one of de many. Social commentary... let we talk make Digicel rich.

Track 5 revealing more than expected like all vintage Chalkie... letting people know that if you want to challenge any "Status Quo" with good or bad intensions... yuh better have plenty Court Clothes. Who have dan dan outfit and who need get some well crafted mention in this melody.

In Chalkdust tradition the last track keeps up with his message of Family and God as it takes a walk thru history with a discography of hymns and psalm samples. There's always something in there to remind us that we need to pray and give thanks to the higher being.

At the end you will want to listen again and again. The Bandit Factory will add to the other 300+ songs by Chalkdust as instant classiscs. Go out and get this one.

Dr. Ram Dass for Trini Jungle Juice


Chalkdust - The Bandit Factory
Release Date: June 2006

Track Listings
01. The Bandit Factory
02. The Mailman
03. Dookeran Have Jack
04. Trinis Talk Too Much
05. Court Clothes
06. The Wake