In today's world of computer technology, all it takes to create music is a good music programme.

To create good music, however, requires a good ear and particular skill. Sebastian Legall, producer of It Is Crop Over Vol. 2 has both, and if he maintains his current course, he will become one of the top names in music in the region. A first listen to this 2K6 release is enough to convince anyone of his growing talent.

At 23, he already has two albums and a number of hits to his credit, through his company Moonblast Productions. Hypa Sounds' Sunshine Girl, still resting comfortably at #1 on Hott Top 20 after two weeks, is Legall's most recent piece of magic.

His first recordings were of some local reggae artistes, but the rhythm of calypso was a stronger pull and the soca arena more viable. "I have a general love for music and I wanted to contribute in a bigger way. His first soca recording was Ramases' Put It Up, in 2003 and last year he released his first compilation It Is Crop Over Vol. 1 which featured hits like the Styles P, Ramases and Malcolm X combination Gals; and Peter Ram's School Girls.

It Is Crop Over Vol. 2 opens with one of the album's better tracks, Calypso Fever by Keann Walters, and is a great introduction to the following 13. Talent on this year's release includes Omar and Mikey from Electrik, Madzzart, Jamaica's Dr. Evil, Glen Benjiman and Papito, W.O.D, Dru, and Soca Rebels. The trio Malcolm X, Styles P and Ramases return as well. It is very ironic that Legall did not study music either at school or professionally, but taught himself by listening to a variety of music, and experimenting on the computer, thus creating all the music for all the tracks.

The album, produced with the help of Banks Breweries Ltd., is currently available in stores.

Andrea King of NationNews


It Is Crop Over Vol 2
Barbados 2006, MoonBlast Productions

Track Listings
Calypso Fever - Keann
Juck Down - Omar Mcquilkin
Clear - Mikey
Bam - Dru
Jump, Wave - Maddzart
Wine It - Dr. Evil
Wine Down Low - Rameses, Stylez P, Malcom X
Like to See - Glen Benjamin & Papito
Soca Flight - Soca Rebels
Queen - Rameses, Dru
Ironing - W.O.D.
Hold me tight - Soca Rebels
13. Calypso Fever Instrumental
Sunshine Girl - Hypa Sounds