At the young age of 22 Ryan Alcantara has already produced a number of underground mixtapes and has already created a name for himself as a talented producer with a keen ear for music, with very smooth mixes and innovative refixes. One of his mixtapes, "Soca Extreme 2k6" (visit D'Sound engine Room) was nominated for an award at the 2006 International Soca Awards.

Being first mix tape of its kind, the mode of 100% Local Grade is slightly different from some of his previous work as it is more focused toward the promotion of the local reggae music industry. Ryan included music from all local recording artists. The CD starts with the Signs Riddim and continues throughout with conscious lyrics and signature clean mixes. It features all the locally engineered riddims including big names like Patience and Infidelity, truly showcasing Trini talent. If you want to know what Trinidad reggae is all about this CD gives a panoramic view of our local talent with all the big names and new comers. The mix tape also includes an exclusive from Thayo, a Trini talent out in Orlando, Florida.

Trini Jungle Juice had chance to speak with the producer and got some insight into the mind behind the talent. "Black Chiney & Soul controllers mix tapes I grew up on inspired me." Ryan expressed that he believed it was something that Trinidad needed. He alluded to the grandeur of the Mix tape industry outside of Trinidad to the extent that there are awards shows dedicated solely to mix tapes. Pioneering the local industry Ryan encourages his people in the music industry to jump on the train and build the popularity. "If I am to be the best in Trinidad it can't be by default, because I am the only person doing it, I want it to be because my work sounds the best of everyone else's."

Be on the look out for more releases from this young talent including Head to Head featuring Censored Inc. and also look out for the 2k7 edition of the Soca series.

100% Hard Local Grade has the TJJ stamp of approval.

Big up to Studio 53 and Finland House doing big things on the local scene, making giant steps where the local reggae industry is concerned.

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100% Local Grade Vol:1
Producer: Ryan Alcantara ( Lexxxus Sound)
Duration: 1:18:27 min

Release Date: Oct 2006

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