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The party was  filled with a more mature audience. Folks who came out to support the cause and enjoy the night.

There were short lines and the promoters were willing to help.


For the ticket price of $100 it was definitely worth it. Live entertainment plus loads of free-ness ... a very hard thing to find these days for that price.


There was plenty live entertainment on the night, but due to our late arrival we only caught up with Imij & Co. They gave the crowd an exciting performance with a repertoire of selection of many genres. Surely a trademark of versalitity that the band is well famous for. After the live performances, the resident DJ then took the party into his hands from about 1:30 AM till ...


The Avenue was the stretch where the action went down ... Coco Lounge to be more specific. Definitely an easy place to find but its the parking that can sometimes be the problem. Once inside, its a comfortable and appealing venue with a great view of the Avenue for those who choose to lime on the deck outside.


There was quite a variety here, from Tequila shots to Jello shots, Ice Cream treats, Doubles, Corn Soup and other Light Cutters. Best of all ... it was all FREE! Drinks were on sale at the regular club rates.

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>> View Celebrate Life ... "A FUNdraising Event" Gallery