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A taste of sugar and spice ... take a bite of the Forbidden fruit ...
Fresh from a little juice vacation we heading back to three (3) parties in one night in good old London town! So finally the last stop is Busspepper's 'Forbidden', now in it's 2nd year and back at our favourite Abacus ... the theme of the evening is red and black ... oops ... team TJJ didn't have to time to check that out! Ladies it's all about the corsets, the fishnets and the elegantly raunchy and provocative outfits. Gents... bring out the pimp shoes and wine !

With a theme like Forbidden we got to say we expected a few more of you in the spirit of de dance!! Just a handful of Ladies strapped tightly into their corsets and we must say were looking very hot but the rest of the party seemed to think it was just another regular Busspepper event. Having said that ... this is certainly where most of the good looking people were at for the night!! We definitely saw some beautiful Ladies and some fine Gents causing some confusion ... Good Looking, nice vibes and lots of 'em ... that's what we talk bout !
Now this is where the peeps were taking the Forbidden theme literally! This party had real vibes ... now we know we reach late but they were in full flow and from talking to the patrons the vibes were flowing all night long! In the main room the DJ had our heads spinning with tune after tune ... we get an awesome dancehall set, some hip hop, some proper jamming soca and our personal favourite ... some sweet back in times!! We love it! The DJs were on point tonight!! In the Club lounge the African Connexion DJs were getting on too and by contrast the downstairs lounge area was a little more chilled. Even the security occupied a prime spot on his little ledge and watched the Ladies getting on in their sexy outfits ... he had 'I love my job' written all over his face!

Back at our favourite Abacus, what can we say,we love the venue ... we love the space, we love the bar staff! Smack bang in the heart of the city and across the street from Bank tube stop ... this venue always gets a thumbs up from TJJ! As usual, the food was upstairs in the 'lounge' area with one bar and lots of places to chill. Downstairs was split into two rooms tonight - one for African Connexions 'Club Lounge' and one for the hardcore Busspepper faithfuls 'The Club room'... a nice touch, and you had a choice of music in the party!

Food from De Four caterers was available all night for whenever you wanted to take a break or even on your way out. As usual Hasan and crew had a good selection of Caribbean food to keep you going through the night. Drinks were on point, reasonably priced for this part of London and a full selection of premium drinks, beers, cocktails and wine. Champagne seemed to be the popular drink of the night with buckets flying across the dance floor to different crews to keep the vibes pumping. Served always with a smile, Abacus' sexy bartenders perfectly complimented this event ... effortlessly producing cocktails all night and taking a lil forbidden jam in between!
£10-£15 entry is the usual price for pretty much any London club so Busspepper not asking for anything out of the ordinary here, especially not when you throw in the sexiness the vibes, the great music and the fabulous venue! About £6 more would get you some food and standard prices for drinks of any kind. The guest list was full from early on though so make sure and get your name down for the next one !
Now we hear Busspepper going back in times with their 'Tribute to Nuts' next month and if this back in times session was a lil taste we can't wait!! 3 fetes down after being up for about 3 days non stop and we are now officially 'Super Juices!!!' Someone find me a bed please !!
Elizabeth aka Posh Juice...in recovery
The only thing constant is change

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